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User Agreement
This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) regulates the legal relationships between the website (hereinafter referred to as Website), represented by its owner (hereinafter referred to as Administration) and a capable individual that joined the present Agreement (hereinafter referred to as User) in the self-interest, or acting on behalf of and in the interest of the legal entity represented by them.

General provisions
The Agreement shall be considered concluded without any reservations and exceptions at the time of any interaction of the User with the Website, and the User shall confirm that they agree with all the terms of the Agreement. If the User does not agree with the Agreement in whole or in part, the Administration shall kindly ask them to leave the Website.

The registered User shall further agree to meet the terms and conditions of the Agreement at the time of registration or when changing registration data, in accordance with the corresponding text under the button "Register".

Legal relationship between the User and the Administration under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Estonia.

Website services
The Website provides services in the field of viewing and posting information added by the Users for the purpose of sale or purchase of goods and services, search for employees and job search, as well as comments to the available information on the Website.

All transactions shall be concluded directly between the users. The Administration shall not be a party to the transactions between the Users; it only provides the online platform for posting information.

The Administration shall not check the accuracy of information specified by the Users, and shall not be liable to any third parties for the accuracy and reliability of this information.

Placing information on the Website
The Administration has the right to publish in full or in part the totality of registration data of the User (hereinafter referred to as Account) in any categories of the Website and partner websites. The User agrees that the administration has the right to collect, process and store the User Account on the Website for the purpose of execution of this Agreement.

A registered User shall be personally responsible for the safekeeping of their login and password pair specified at the registration or subsequent change of thereof, and shall be fully responsible for all the activities that will be performed by the User or any other person while using their login and password pair. The User shall be obliged to immediately change their password if they have any suspicions that their login and password pair became disclosed or can be used by third parties.

Company registration data shall be published on the Website upon completion of registration, and checked some time after the registration. If any information specified in the Account violates the registration rules (including if any required data are not specified or a category is incorrectly selected), violates this Agreement or contains the information that contradicts the requirements of the current legislation, such Account shall be deleted by the Administration.

The User shall agree not to create multiple Accounts on the Website on behalf of virtually the same natural or legal person, including by using different company names, last names, addresses and other data.

A registered User has the right and possibility to delete their account and ads at their own discretion.

By placing their information on the Website, the User agrees with the following rules:

it is prohibited to post ads with the same or almost the same content;
it is prohibited to publish ads in the category that does not correspond to the subject of the category;
an ad shall not contain more than one product or service, or a vacancy;
it is prohibited to publish contact details and website addresses in the title and description of ads;
if publishing an ad on a service being subject to licensing, the user shall indicate the number of the license and whom it was issued by;
it is prohibited to publish ads the titles or the content of which are logically unrelated and unreadable;
it is prohibited to publish insults and obscenities;
it is prohibited to publish information which may relate to the collection and storage of personal data of other users;
it is prohibited to publish ads about earnings in the Internet, mass electronic mailings, network marketing, work requiring financial investment, as well as erotic and occult services;
it is prohibited to publish ads about goods and services prohibited for publication by the current legislation of Estonia.
The User shall agree and accept full responsibility for compliance of the information posted by them with the requirements of current legislation; as well the User shall agree that they are solely responsible for the following:

non-observance of copyright of third parties, including the use of photos of third parties;
unauthorized use of company names;
unauthorized use of logos of third parties;
unauthorized use of signs, including trademarks of third parties.
In case of receipt of claims from third parties in regards to the information posted by the User on the Website, the User shall agree to settle such claims independently and at their own expense.

Ads shall be published on the Website at the moment of their placement, and checked some time after the placement. If the content of an ad violates the rules of ad placement, it shall be deleted by the Administration. In case of repeated violations of ad placement rules or multiple violations in one day, and in case of deliberate dissemination of false information posted by the User in an ad, the User’s account may be deleted by the Administration.

The Administration has the right to do the following:

edit or delete the User’s publications on the Website if they violate the terms of this Agreement, are harmful to the Administration or third parties, as well as at its own and sole discretion without specifying any reason.
place publicly available publications of the User on partner websites.
The Administration has the right to disclose available information about the User, including their personal data, upon request of an authorized (law enforcement) body, in accordance with applicable law.

The Administration is not liable for the following:

malfunctions of the Website caused by malfunctions of equipment and software, outages in telecommunication and energy networks, failures caused by actions of malicious software or third parties;
the content, accuracy and legality of the information published by the User on the Website;
loss of profit or harm/damage caused to the User, and any other damages which may arise from the use of the Website and the information placed on it.
The Administration does not participate in transactions between the Users, so it assumes no responsibility for those transactions.

All disputes between the Users shall be settled by them directly without the involvement of the Administration. The User shall agree to resolve any disputes with other Users on their own and claim against the other Users directly to them without the involvement of the Administration.

The user has the right to inform the Administration about violations of their rights by another User. In case of sufficiency of substantiation of the User’s complaint and sufficiency of knowledge of the complaint subject by the Administration, the Administration shall delete from the Website some of the ads or all the ads about which the User complains.

Processing of personal data
By registering on the Website, the User shall agree that the personal data provided by them shall be publicly available; as well the user agrees to processing of their personal data by the Administration. The User shall also agree that their personal data may be transferred to third parties, including the transfer of their personal data abroad.

Processing of personal data includes any actions or set of actions related to collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, change, renewal, use, distribution, transfer, deletion of the User’s personal data in order to ensure smooth operation of the Website services.

Personal data shall be processed by Just Commerce OÜ, registered at the address: Harju maakond, Kuusalu vald, Pudisoo küla, Männimäe, 74626, Estonia.

The User personal data processing by the Administration shall be carried out in order to ensure proper functioning of the Website and rendering personalized services of the Website to the User. The Administration shall not be responsible for the use of personal data of the User by other persons.

Final provisions
The Agreement in whole or in part may be changed by the Administration without any special notification of the User. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force at the time of its publication on the Website. The current valid version of the Agreement shall always be available at

Messages to the Administration shall be sent by clicking on "Contact Us" located at the bottom of all the pages of the Website.

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