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Finish Quantum Lemon Dishwasher Tablets (48 units)

Finish Quantum Lemon Dishwasher Tablets (48 units)
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Brand: Finish
Product code: 853
Weight: 0.85 kg.

We present Finish quantum lemon dishwasher tablets (48 units)! Finish Quantum is the best detergent, it has everything. They are the only tablets with three ingredients: powder to eliminate the most difficult food remains, gel for sparkling dishes and the powerball for a perfect finish and an unbeatable result. 

  • Aroma: lemon
  • Format: 48 tablets
  • Powerful cleaning and degreasing action
  • Even eliminates engrained food remains and tea stains
  • Antical protection
  • Protects and polishes dishes
  • Even works in low temperatures
  • Finish is recommended by dishwasher manufacturers

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